Getting Started


Getting started with your new blog can be a little tricky but make sure
after you have signed up and got your web press blog that you watch the
video that it comes with it will be full of much helpful material on your start up.
Then familiarize yourself with the site itself and don’t post anything
until you have the basics down and created your first post to be published.Make sure
you know what everything does like the Dashboard,post,media,links and so on because
you will want a good looking site with a lot of content and maybe some video’s and
website links.
Oh yes and another thing is don’t forget to look at all the templates for your
page look this is a very important step in making your weblog look attractive
. I am sure
there will be more you will need to know so I am here if you have any question’s!
Make sure if you ask me any questions you have as much detail as possible so
I can give a complete answer for you. Okay! that’s it for now and Good Luck!