Although new at this I think I am getting around pretty good but may need a little help

Been living in Massachusetts my whole life although I have lived in Maine an Florida also for a while been a fisherman, carpenter/ musician and other professions so may as well try out my luck with computers! With all the green products out there I am not sure if they are worth the hassle most of them are especially what I believe they might be a bit phony like those wind turbines,they are suppose to save people money on their electric bills,right!Also, most of the time I walk most places, other than drive so I am saving more on the environment then having a vehicle to get my way around in and I am a real big fan of recycling. How about you?

I have been a guitar player for 38 years and I am in the process of playing bass guitar also which should be a fun switch but I think it is actually more fun than the guitar. lol For the most part I hope I can get some readers here and make some new friends . I will be adding more pages I didn’t know about that at first but we all have our own way of learning different things. Thank You for reading!
The reason why I have put these video’s here is because I use to be a fisherman and I know first hand the problems of this industry.



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