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I have been through many different towns and States in my life but born in Massachusetts still living there now also. Were many different hats for job titles but like , Chief cook and bottle washer best as title.

Seeds of Mercy!


The title: "God the Almighty". The o...

The title: “God the Almighty”. The open book with text from Gospel of Matthew. Church of the Dormition of the Theotokos (1774) at Kondopoga. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) May God Almighty bless youMerry  ! Seeds of Mercy is counting  on a outpouring of blessings this year for everyone who gives what they can in helping America and the World have a wonderful Christmas  and urge’s all to be helpful in someones else’s life in this celebration of giving. May God Almighty richly bless those for the coming year in doing so!

Happy New Year ! Let me remind anyone who does give that you can get a tax refund on any donation that you do apply so it really is a win,win situation!

Click here to donate!

You may also send check or money order to:  Seeds of Mercy  20 Parker Street Court , New Bedford, Massachusetts. 02740            

1545 Bale Revelation Chapter 16

1545 Bale Revelation Chapter 16 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Start up Business Courses


Here are just several business programs you can start with and I could copy and paste these here all day long everyday for the next year and still not probably put them all in because there are so many of them out there it will make your head spin as it has mine! What my point here is all these and millions more are offering ways to make a lot of money online and do they all work, that will be for the person who signs up to find out right! Go ahead click on them to see they are all different companies offering the same thing that they will make you money. I have personally tried some of them and have not made one red cent with any of them and who do they blame for that the one who bought their product, that’s who! They will say something like, oh” you must not have followed the step by step information or you maybe need to sign up for our coaching program which will cost you another $297 dollars or more and I have got caught in those kinds of things myself and it leads you nowhere but broke and confused. This company is were I started they are a legitimate place to start recommended .. Click Here to make money!
Believe me I have been there and if that’s what you are  looking  for then have at it be my guest. I on the other hand am not going to do this to you and better yet at the moment, I can reassure you that you do not have to buy anything or into anything that I have because I have nothing to really sell you but the books here and you do not have to buy those either. What I am going to do though is to make friends and learn together how we can do something to create some kind of business, the right way and not get over whelmed,disappointed or confused about what to do next or how to create a money making business so if this is what you are looking for then lets get started together that way no one is left behind and wondering what happened, is that fair! So what do you say, you in?

Click Here to make money!RBMAN3

Click Here to make money!RBMAN3

What's in the bag? Business of Software 2010

What’s in the bag? Business of Software 2010 (Photo credit: betsyweber)

Credit Card Nightmare’s


Credit Card Companies Soliciting College Students on Social Media

By Debbie Dragon on Aug. 19, 2012
laptop woman happy

In 2010, the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act prohibited credit card companies from soliciting students within 1,000 feet of college campuses.  Before this act went into effect, it was common for credit card companies to send up tables around campus which gave away goodies like t-shirts, candy, or pizza for those who signed up for a card.  Today, card companies have moved to social media sites, where the demographic is primarily in the 18 to 30 year old target age group.  This is the same demographic credit card companies solicit, because they can turn this group into lifelong customers.

On social media sites, the card companies can’t entice a young adult with a t-shirt or Frisbee like they used to on college campuses, so they had to get a new approach to giving things away in exchange for a signature on a credit card application.  Many card companies using social media offer cash incentives after you make your first purchase using your new credit card.

Better Credit Cards for College Students

The problem with credit cards and college students is the temptation to spend more than can be repaid easily.  This sets a student up for financial struggles early in their adult lives – and many graduate colleges with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans to repay and thousands of dollars in credit card debt.  The income they receive from their first jobs is rarely enough to make their payments comfortably while also paying for ongoing living expenses.

A better credit card for college students that will reduce their risks of getting in over their heads in debt is a secured credit card.  They can make a fully refundable security deposit of $200 or so, which then becomes their line of credit and spending limit.  Responsible use of this card will help the student establish a credit score, which will serve to help them after college; instead of getting into serious debt and having a damaged credit score.

Not all secured cards report to the credit bureaus, so you will want to make sure you choose one that does in order to benefit your credit history and begin establishing a good credit score.

Making Millionaire Money



Money (Photo credit: 401(K) 2012)

Let’s change up a bit here and talk about how to make millionaire money? 

Click on the link to find out more……

When you and I look at all the stuff on the net, what is it that we see and what might it be that we are looking to understand?

I know me personally, I would like to think that what I am looking for is truthful and is not going to steal my money from me because  there is one thing I really do not appreciate is people who say they are going to help you and do nothing but take your money by deceptive means and there are tons of ways that they are doing that and out your pocket it goes.

Okay, that being said if you see those ads promising you to make a ton of money on the internet with these squeeze pages we call them and you listen to their video’s and content that reads we promise you we can help you make a ton of money and they may show something like the profit they are making and believe me they are lying to you. All they want is to give you a bunch of material to read and video after video to watch taking up all your time and even worse your money,if you don’t claim it back with in the time limit offered for your money back guarantee. Here ‘s another thing they probably don’t want me to tell you, if they don’t offer this service then I would absolutely steer clear of these types of offer’s you will be scammed.Lie’s lie’s,lie’s all of them…. Now which one of these do you believe in? Well that question is very complicated to answer just like their policies and time consuming information and deceitful business practice. They even may say things like knowledge is power and they are absolutely correct and I am giving some good and truthful knowledge here in this article so take what you can and be wise about your choices out there.

Knowledge will make you free

Knowledge will make you free (Photo credit: tellatic)

My rule of thumb  is this I help who I can when I can and give what knowledge I am equipped with and pass that knowledge on whether it is something I have learned or things I have been taught from other’s which gives me the  right to choose that which is right or wrong. Believe me many are going to go against what I believe  and that is fine by me but it is what I say about them that they may not like is the reason why and I very well know this. In the mean,time life goes on and you can make your choices.  Thank you for reading!   I hope some of you are a bit more knowledgeable about these things and have a wonderful week.

Oh’ yes this is part of many other writings I will be making on this subject …so stay tuned. Bye for now!

Calling all guitar players check this out!

Get the most out of your links


English: Edinburgh: The Cowgate Evening traffi...

English: Edinburgh: The Cowgate Evening traffic starts to build up on the Cowgate in the Old Town, Edinburgh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great Links to build traffic!




My money tool kit ,part two


united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web

united states currency eye- IMG_7364_web (Photo credit: kevindean)

Okay so were are we , so far we have discovered why we should actually call money currency to keep a clear view

on how money/currency has to keep moving like a current in a river or stream.

Currency Creek

Currency Creek (Photo credit: Mundoo)

Now our out going  flow of currency must be smaller than our incoming  flow of currency in order to keep a balance in our tool kit. Here in the good ol’ USA

our currency will be based on the dollar value were in other countries the pound,mark or yen depending on the

countries currency exchange so I have left a guide below with some information on that just below here! I hope this

gives you a better  impressionable image of what currency/money really is and we will cover some more ways to

manage and build our money tool kit in my next writing to all of you , Thank You for reading!

English: Icon of U.S. currency.

English: Icon of U.S. currency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Money Tool Kit


International Money Pile in Cash and Coins

International Money Pile in Cash and Coins (Photo credit:

My money tool kit sounds a bit like work right! Well it is work believe it or not, to take a look at what this is I am talking about let’s figure out what money really is so we  can get a clearer picture of the subject  of money. Now we can use money in many ways  actually 4 that I know work.

1. You can spend money

2. You can save money

3. You can donate money

or 4. You can invest money

Each one of these is going to help you determine what your own personal tool kit will look like. It will be unique to your method of how you may think of money and what you should do or not do in getting the best money tool kit for your needs.

Okay, so now back to what money is: The word money is from thee Greek word current which a current is like when you have a river and the water is flowing over the rocks and down the bend or bank (seeing as we’re on the subject about money) this would be the current well this current keeps flowing as  long as the source is not blocked off or worse  dries up. Now this brings us to the actual word currency that we like to call money is like a current because of the simple fact it has to keep on flowing either in ,out,up or down this money/currency just has to keep flowing or it stops.

Now, in order to create or maintain an accurate sense of what this currency is doing is to build your tool kit for it !

If you would like to learn more about my money tool kit then send a comment or fill out the contact form, it’s easy!  Thank You for reading!

Trying to Stay Positive!


Try to stay positive in times of gloom is an ongoing task for many of us today and tomorrow especially when you may have a business to run and not enough income and you are the only one that is operating that business. Believe me I am there and have come up with a plan for myself an d that plan is just keep going and going for now!

English: Think positive

English: Think positive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hydration Awareness!


Staying Hydrated,is a very important thing to think about now a days or any day because if you have ever suffered Dehydration then you probably know what I am talking about and it is not a fun process to go through at all.  As a young lad, I can remember feeling  a bit light headed while playing my favorite sports out there in man’s land, you know getting some friends together and going to your favorite park or play ground with no parental super vision and everyone bring baseball bats,gloves and the ball but no water or anything to drink. Which always ended with dehydration at thee end of the game. I didn’t really understand what dehydration was at the time and really didn’t care I just wanted to have fun playing outdoors with my friends and that was the bottom line.

Stay Hydrated, Stay Healthy

Page Craze!


I am starting to change what this blog looks like a little bit by creating new pages for different types of articles .Anyone may ask me for information on as to why , if they have some curiosity about anything and I will be glad to answer any questions on the matter!

Sometimes you just have to say, What the heck and go for it! So this morning, I am just totally blocked with just nothing in my head to write down so what do I do you ask, good question. lol I did what most people do when they have writer’s block I  started searching for things to write about. I found an interesting piece down at the bottom of the dashboard in Word Press here so I started reading and then watched the most Awesome entitled . Janet Aronica : Everyone’s A Publisher : Create Awesome Content, Not Noise. Which was pretty ironic because through the whole show all I could here in the back ground was like a screeching band playing but was still able to here what she was talking about . I don’t no if that was intentional or not because of the title. No doubt, it was to answer my own question!

So anyway, here I am with some awesome story to write about or something anyway and if you get the chance to check that out I really believe it will bee worth the while and it’s wait in Gold for that matter a great piece indeed!

Start a new Business


Hey Today starting your own business can be rough but there’s good news you don’t have go it alone there literally  hundreds, if not thousands of other business owners out there willing to help you get started and walk you through that process.

Affilorama :  This is a great company , they have been doing this since 2008 and have a lot of advice and tools to work with!

Making More Money Online


Making more money online, Today we will talk about something that is the hype on the internet.
That’s How to make money online. As we all need some kind of way to make a living or money for that matter, who has the best system,process and plan to get you there? Where the internet is this vast place of non-stop information for everything you can possibly imagine, Where do you start? I would suggest to do what everyone out there is doing including  myself and that is to get your hands on any books articles,newsletters and video’s/movies  that will give many types of insight. Take some college courses but that might cost you an arm and a leg or maybe I can suggest just going to my website at : .The reason why I started this company is to help really people who have real needs in a real world of money!  Click here now to learn how!

English: A technology roadmap of the Internet ...

English: A technology roadmap of the Internet of Things. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Getting Started


Getting started with your new blog can be a little tricky but make sure
after you have signed up and got your web press blog that you watch the
video that it comes with it will be full of much helpful material on your start up.
Then familiarize yourself with the site itself and don’t post anything
until you have the basics down and created your first post to be published.Make sure
you know what everything does like the Dashboard,post,media,links and so on because
you will want a good looking site with a lot of content and maybe some video’s and
website links.
Oh yes and another thing is don’t forget to look at all the templates for your
page look this is a very important step in making your weblog look attractive
. I am sure
there will be more you will need to know so I am here if you have any question’s!
Make sure if you ask me any questions you have as much detail as possible so
I can give a complete answer for you. Okay! that’s it for now and Good Luck!

Personal Note


Today I want to talk about things on a more personal level being this is my weblog and I can pretty much put anything here that’s suited for my taste. Anyway I want to just thank you people who are coming here reading my material and leaving comments! Pretty much anyone can get their own blog and do the same, it is really easy and in expensive to do I have a lot of things that I like to put on here to give maybe others an ideas of how to create there own blog and maybe even set up their own niche to make a profit!
Hope I can help ! I also have other websites and blogs that I have created my newest is
If at anytime you would like to join me in my endeavor or just want to learn how to make money online you can join me and my team to help you do just that or you may just come and check in here to see what’s new with me that is fine also. Thank You for that!