Pride and Prejudice

If anyone would like to be transported in time then a really good book can be of use and  depending on the author

and where they would like to take you on their journey! I have just finished Pride and Prejudice and with eloquent

visual writing style . I must say is truly worth the read of the story and character appeal /setting . I will most likely

want to read again for the next time I want to be transported back a much delightful and charming of days, makes

me almost want to go back there myself and relive but change somethings . Over all I can suggest a must read!

This is my review on good composed literature!

Pride and Prejudice Review! 

Rich Dad,Poor Dad

Here are a great series of a collection , Rich Dad,Poor Dad by Robert T. Kyosaki I actually enjoyed it a lot reading Robert’s story. I believe if anyone is thinking about starting a business then these will help out tremendously.

Amazon Affiliate Training is another book for good advise for the start up marketer!

Other good books to read some of the ones I like to each his own real , I have many, many others thousands actually don’t think I want to post them all here. lol



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