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Page Craze!


I am starting to change what this blog looks like a little bit by creating new pages for different types of articles .Anyone may ask me for information on as to why , if they have some curiosity about anything and I will be glad to answer any questions on the matter!

Sometimes you just have to say, What the heck and go for it! So this morning, I am just totally blocked with just nothing in my head to write down so what do I do you ask, good question. lol I did what most people do when they have writer’s block I  started searching for things to write about. I found an interesting piece down at the bottom of the dashboard in Word Press here so I started reading and then watched the most Awesome WordPress.tv entitled . Janet Aronica : Everyone’s A Publisher : Create Awesome Content, Not Noise. Which was pretty ironic because through the whole show all I could here in the back ground was like a screeching band playing but was still able to here what she was talking about . I don’t no if that was intentional or not because of the title. No doubt, it was to answer my own question!

So anyway, here I am with some awesome story to write about or something anyway and if you get the chance to check that out I really believe it will bee worth the while and it’s wait in Gold for that matter a great piece indeed!